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In this room there are theater seats with integrated high-tech motion system. Three types of intelligent movement, maneuvering the chair back and forth, from side to side and up and down, in combination with a vibration function specifically tailored to the film motion effects.

Note that only a limited number of seats available. A reservation is only possible via our ticket hotline, a per ticket surcharge of € 6 is calculated.

First Class

In this room there is a quality leather furniture from single and double adjustable seats, high-quality glass tables and dimmable lamps. You can place an order before the film starts drinks and finger food directly to your seat and enjoy cinema as a class in a pleasant setting with sufficient legroom and exceptional service!

We would like to point out that as children, students or are student discount when buying tickets for this room special rules regarding of using vouchers, season tickets, free tickets, Gold and Silver cards as well as in the use of discounts. Please understand if they can not use the above reduction offers.

Big and small

Our symbol Big and Small features films that are suitable for the whole family. The German children's charity testing with children movies on fun and safety for all ages. Together with adult evaluators assess the children selected movies according to content and pedagogical criteria. By awarding the quality label for young and old you get competent help you decide which films are selected child and family friendly.

Movies with this sign are released from the voluntary self-regulation of the film industry for 12 years.

Movies have received this designation, even children can at the age of six years, the intake upwards granted to imagination if they are accompanied by a legal guardian person. The persons concerned are generally entitled to the parents. You can - except by the family court - also not be transferred. Selected cinemas were equipped with Ritter Sport decoration and in addition to the sale of small chocolate bars from the Ritter Sport pick and seating areas Ritter Sport style. In RITTER SPORT cinema cinema seats with the rest of the slipcovers in Ritter Sport colors are covered - in every color of the different varieties. So you might have the good fortune to sit in one place with your favorite variety.

Special Screening

In this conception there is a special performance. Cinema vouchers, free tickets, as well as Gold and Silver cards do not entitle holders to visit this idea and can not be used to pay for the tickets.

Furthermore, we would like to point out with this marking that particular arrangements may arise concerning Reservierbarkeit. Tickets sold can not be returned or principle, not be exchanged. Replacement is not made for unused tickets.

The top online role-playing game is finally coming to the movies, but so far just problems on the story. Director Duncan Jones (Moon) filmed soon a well thought out script.

With so many players you can not go wrong with a film adaptation. Or anything!

Three letters, two fractions, ten million players: The online role-playing game World of Warcraft, or WoW is the absolute record holder in terms of computer fantasy. No wonder that Hollywood is l has secured the film rights. However, this is already f years ago, and the fans are wondering why so little is doing in terms of wow movie.

The answer has producer Thomas Tull, who was responsible already blockbusters like The Dark Knight, 300, Inception and the Hangover trilogy:

In the past it was at game films so often that they told themselves, 'How many players does the game? Okay, then buy their movie tickets anyway.' But this is an incredibly bad way to approach a movie. We have however taken a lot of time to develop the project, because we absolutely do not want to mess up. There's this incredible story of the war, all the different V and classes as a fantastic, rich world was designed with success, as Thomas Tull says.:

We are soon far that we start k If the script is completely finished, and we are sure that the story also f can be and works as a film and the audience enthusiastic, then we start with the shooting at. Quite so far we have not yet, but soon.

That's good, because the rotation is set to start since L f early 2014. The first Action! will then call Duncan Jones, who earned with the sci-fi genre with Moon and Source Code great critical acclaim. He has inherited Sam Raimi in the director's chair, who left unnerved the project because of the long delay.

As a performer, among other things, The Lord of the Rings hero David Wenham (Faramir) planned, but even here the Karrusell will then continue to rotate when the script has Gr light.

Until then k while away the time with fantasy fans the last two films of the trilogy hobbit, w gaming friends to Need for Speed (3/20/2014) and Assassin's Creed (05/21/2015) forward k />

vendredi 16 août 2013 12:35

Few football games come to PC

Yes, he's here, is here. FIFA and back again in a new version that includes numerous changes to the gameplay. For the first time, EA Sports  fifa coins online is set in an area that seemed to have forgotten. The ball.

Of course FIFA 07 is the latest templates, the best graphics for a PC football game and of course, all kinds of game modes including a new online mode that is one of the main attractions of this release.

Is it better than the previous FIFA? Do you have real news? This is what we will see in this game analysis.

Game Modes: Improvements and new
FIFA series has introduced every year new game modes and improving many others. The 07 version is no exception and has many game modes. Tournament mode, challenge mode, manager mode, online mode, multiplayer, etc.. All fun for football fans.

We also have a shop where you spend the  fifa coins kaufen points as we receive throughout the game with new kits, new balls, stadiums and even classic teams. Everything to extend the experience in FIFA 07.

However, all these options are worth highlighting two: improved Manager Mode and the new Online mode, the latter, to be precise Interactive Leagues.

This new concept gives users the ability to play with your favorite team in the league matches of different teams. There is a time to play every game and after playing it makes a general computing for creating a classification. Original and very playable, but with only one problem. Only four interactive leagues, for the moment, the Spanish league is not among them. We choose from the Mexican League, American League, the Premier League and Bundesliga finally, always in the first division.

It's a shame there are not more leagues, of course, but still the online gameplay is very original for a sports game and are confident that in coming seasons include the other interactive leagues.

As manager mode, there have been a number of improvements to make it more realistic and also has been included as a difference between the result and the visual mode, so if we want to go forward every single game we see, what we make an easier way in FIFA 06.

We have also expanded the options and now we can renew contracts even in a very, very simple-do not think it's like in Total Club Manager-in addition to managing advertising contracts and promote talented young players. Yes, among the improvements also included a directive less permissive with your objectives, which fail in any of them can land you in FIFA 07 fired and when this happens again and again just how manager.

In any case, all these game modes are interesting but always end up in the same place: on the field. Is FIFA 07 less arcade and contains a higher dose of simulation? The answer is yes, of course.

Whistle and remove
After the usual introduction spectacular party  fifa coins trader and whereby teams will recognize many, many players (and not just the stars) you look at something interesting: the ball does not seem a simple glob. This is one of the major differences from previous versions. The ball physics are well done and, not only that, but has collision detection.

This may seem miniscule change greatly affects the game. Passes are no longer impossible to pass between the legs of opposites. It is even possible to give the head a few of them. Nor is it possible to pass in a posture impossible long as happened in previous games.

On the other hand, the placement of the defenses is enviable and, depending on the equipment, they are able to anticipate our moves at all times. But this does not mean it's impossible to score a goal, because it also counterattacks were performed perfectly and may exceed the gatekeepers.

As we saw in FIFA 06 is implemented moral system. This system works depending on how the game goes. In FIFA 07 has also been improved and no longer affects the moral only when we lose the game, but also when the team we have chosen has a hefty goal difference, and at that time will relax.

Clearly the simulation FIFA 07 is much better, but this does not mean that the game is free of bugs. Although in a less extent still occurs given player pass. That is, the machine decides that player have to spend and if any players in the middle, it stares at the ball instead of trying to play it. This is somewhat logical, but the problem comes when a defense hinders the receiver player. At that time we will always lose the ball.

Finally, before moving on to the graphical section say that the game offers a pretty good shot system. And now you have to aim and shots are not always perfect, so that the game is won, and quite in simulation.

Graphics: Show EA Sports
FIFA 07 on the PC version is, as previous versions spectacular. More recognizable players, perfect movements, smooth animations, and of course real fifa 13 coins kits of all teams presented in this title, thanks to the exclusive officially licensed FIFA Electronic Arts.

So far, nothing new. However, the biggest improvements are in football and in stadiums. The latter have even higher quality than previous versions and there are more stages, although the biggest improvements are in the grass stage, much more realistic than in previous versions (especially with the World Cup)

But if there is a star chart in FIFA 07 is, of course, the football. Aside from being perfectly modeled, we can see such amazing details such as the rotation when given effect or to vote, depending on the same turn makes us see that the ball makes another path.

Sound: Paco Gonzalez y Manolo becomes Lama
for years and several versions, we Paco Gonzalez y Manolo Lama, the two sports journalists Sports Carousel in FIFA. The version 07 could not be an exception and enjoyed their presence with some new and many canned comments. Although these comments are pretty good, it would would think EA Sports to offer something new and interesting, such as a third commentator who could well be a referee for the most controversial plays.

In all other respects, the game offers a great sound and a lot more songs than its predecessors equipment. If we choose a different computer to large, eg, Real Zaragoza, as we can hear the fans chanting the name of our team to cheer at every game.

Our opinion
EA Sports gave the stroke a couple of years ago to sign some programmers responsible for Pro Evolution and this has made ​​in the last two years FIFA is a game that is rapidly evolving towards the simulation. Besides data, new game modes and stunning graphics, FIFA 07 offers greater realism and the lead over the other games in the series. FIFA 07 is without doubt the best of the series and the introduction of new online modes (to be improved) longer, and much, the life of this game.

The best
The best simulation of the series so far. General improvements in the game modes. The new manager mode options.

still offering some incomprehensible failures in the simulation. I know Premier lovers will not complain, but to see when introduced as interactive Spanish league.

vendredi 14 juin 2013 11:37

Battlefield 3, FIFA 13, and SWTOR Mobile Games with record numbers

The publishing giant Electronic Arts has released the night before his annual report for the previous fourth quarter of fiscal year 2013. It also numerous  fifa 13 coins for sale statistics on the major games brands of the company became known as usual. Thus, over 1.6 million copies of Sim City, for example, been sold, of which around 50 percent as a digital download. EA Labels president Frank Gibeau spoke of a "challenging" start, due to the intense rush of players on the server. You did learn his lesson and promised that this does not happen again.

For FIFA 13 EA able to announce the sale of a total of 14.5 million units in fiscal 2013, representing an increase of 30 percent over its predecessor. With digital sales of football simulation which amounts to approximately 200 million U.S. dollars, trumps its predecessor FIFA 13 even 94 percent. Also on the mobile market recorded EA record successes. The Simpsons: Tapped Out generated ten million U.S. dollars in sales, resulting in a total turnover of 50 million  fut 13 coins kaufen U.S. dollars since August 2012 last quarter.

Which was released in March Real Racing 3 records of over 30 million downloads and over 2.5 million players daily. Overall, Electronic Arts was able to generate on the mobile market turnover of 104 million U.S. dollars in the fourth quarter, an increase from 21 percent the previous year. Also, the game platform Origin could be further strengthened and now has over 47 million users. During the quarterly conference, the makers of EA were received on the recently came to deal with Disney for new Star Wars games, but without disclosing new information.

However, the publisher was encouraging figures on the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic reported. Since the transition to the Free2Play model ströhmten 1.7 million new players in the online role-playing game. The monthly turnover has more than doubled. Over 500,000 players have completed a monthly subscription. Battlefield 3 also provides for further records. 3.5 million players have the Premium access, which has already generated 120 million dollars in sales. The sales of Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 subject contrast of expectations. Exact numbers are not known.

The total profit for the fourth quarter, ending on 31 March ended, located at 323 million U.S. dollars. In the same period last year EA still made a profit of 400 million U.S. dollars. Revenues for the full fiscal year 2013 loves to 3.8 billion U.S. dollars. In digital business, sales increased from 419 to 453 million U.S. dollars. For fiscal 2014, Electronic Arts is planning the publication of eleven new games, including for example, NBA Live. At E3 2013 Electronic Arts wants to introduce new next-gen games for the fiscal year 2014.

"We are planning new title from DICE, EA Sports, BioWare and introduce other," says Frank Gibeau. In addition, the Frostbite 3 engine and the new sports engine will be presented at the fair. The conclusion at the end of fiscal year 2013 falls quite positive. "With the launch of the new fiscal year, EA is well positioned to achieve dynamic growth with the next-gen consoles, the PC and mobile platforms," ​​said CEO Larry Probst confidently. The Quarterly Report of Electronic  fifa 13 coins seller Arts you read on the official website of the publisher.

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Diablo 3 Issued cease and desist by Blizzard

Diablo 3 was in the days of the publication of some negative headlines. Reasons was due primarily to the lack of exchange rights, the full server and the permanent online coercion. Not only in Korea Blizzard came therefore to the lack of consumer protection - even here in Germany wanted to not just accept that. now Blizzard has issued a cease and desist letter, in which you committed to the future to identify the exact products:

The project Blizzard has warned web users have rights because of inadequate identification of its products. In the game Diablo 3 , the company has not been sufficiently noted that you need a constant internet connection to play. In addition, players are forced to register an account with the platform. Also, it was so far no clear indication on the game box. The manufacturer Blizzard has responded to the warning - and issued a cease and desist letter.

lundi 27 mai 2013 07:25

innovative style RPG Universe Online Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet's boys could not wait any longer and have revealed that they have begun to send invitations for the expected beta of Guild Wars 2 , and have made ​​public  guild wars 2 gold through its website Facebook video game.

"Yes, they have begun to send invitations to the beta. They will be sent in its entirety in the coming days, "he explained, and remember silence the strict conditions that are assumed to access. "Please remember that talking about the beta in any way or form, including on your status in it, is a breach of confidentiality agreements. Do not risk your beta access "

We hope that all readers of the magazine, who have requested access to the beta, have been made with an invitation.The next closed beta test of  Guild Wars 2  is scheduled for late March and will give players the opportunity to experience in-depth RPG elements, epic battles and invitations world against social world while helping the team to test the servers.

This impressive response from the community, with more than 4,000 entries per minute during peak competition is proof that players looking for new experiences and appear to have found the innovative style RPG Universe Online  Guild Wars 2.

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